Somalis need to stop being homophobic walle?


Engineer of Qandala
There's a difference between acknowledging that it's 100% haram and not supporting it, and sperging out at the mere mention of gay people. It's funny how Somalis take certain behaviors of Muslims in general to the extreme, be it hatred of Jews, hatred of Shias, and, of course, gay people.
This I can agree with:mjhaps:


cismaan maxamuud
Islam is against the act of sodomy and having any form of sexual relations with a person from the same gender.We are not homophobic and have no right to criticise/abuse non Muslims who idulge in this shameful act.We are living in a western society and unfortunately this practice is accepted and considered normal in our nations,all we can do is acknowledge that it is indeed 100% haraam and that it is a major sin .We must also educate fellow muslims about the severity of the sin and that its okay to have homosexual tendencies as long as you don't commit sodomy .