somalis in manga


i do it anyway i like
these guys keep violating us ong first it was the movie now this :damn:the anime obsessed somalis are to blame and korean xalimos this their L
the forehead :russ:they even made him skinny
:silanyolaugh:guess his name
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i do it anyway i like
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"My name is Abdi, I'm the boss of shishigu"
My boy is a boss , and has caddan/indhayar underlings
I think the creator of One Piece said in an interview that Blackbeard the main villain is Somali.
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Yes, he does these things in every volume of One Piece called "SBS" where he answers fan questions and generally goofs around and in it he'll often do things like tell the fans what country characters would be from in the real world and he indeed said Blackbeard would be from Somalia.
They really practice some obscene cognitive dissonance with that "Yeah, yeah. Looks Japanese to me."


Yakhi beenta jooji, saxiib.

I understand but the rest of em need some explanation


These guys don’t look Japanese at all . Imagine if US animation looked like Chinese people would riot but in Japan it’s the norm lol