Somalis can't dance ....

Why the lack of dancing skills?

  • Because they are whites...

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  • I don’t know sweet feminine submissive sister....

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  • Fear Allah, Dancing is Haram naaya...

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Well, I was on cursed TikTok looking for popular Somali tiktokers .... one thing they all have in common they can't dance:kanyehmm:... they have no rhythm men and woman.... :stressed:

That only proves one thing.... we aren’t black...

but why Somalis can’t dance... mostly new generation ....they are also ruining Somali traditional dance with their zero coordination, rhythm, fluidity, synchronisation ....:snoop:
That’s me to a T. Sniff 🤧, I’m a basic Xalimo, somehow.


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The only arguments I buy for Somalis not being black is that they don't have rhythm unlike other Blacks and that they age like milk unlike other Blacks