Somalis can't dance ....

Why the lack of dancing skills?

  • Because they are whites...

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  • I don’t know sweet feminine submissive sister....

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  • Fear Allah, Dancing is Haram naaya...

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A pious muslima.
Well, I was on cursed TikTok looking for popular Somali tiktokers .... one thing they all have in common they can't dance:kanyehmm:... they have no rhythm men and woman.... :stressed:

That only proves one thing.... we aren’t black...

but why Somalis can’t dance... mostly new generation ....they are also ruining Somali traditional dance with their zero coordination, rhythm, fluidity, synchronisation ....:snoop:


idiocy gives me energy
My dear sweet innocent pure submissive sister, I do not know why. Ask your husband to beat you into perfect rythem!💕🥰


Just another day for the Ciyaalsuuq Philosopher
Not enough grease on the joints. I tried to learn azonto over a year. By the time I learnt it, 15 new dances already made its wave. I gave up, how can a farax win?

I'll stick to dancing to migos n future, pretending that I can whip the sweetest crack a fiend has ever seen


idiocy gives me energy
Cockasian=Caucasian no :urgh:
Nope. Here is my reasoning. Welcome to @IgaFuuq ’s culture class😎

  • Somalis aren’t arab no... We come from the Asian side of Cock. We aren’t caucasian either
  • which makes us CockAsian. A branch of the Asians.
  • we aren’t madow either because we don’t know how to bring out the inner Beyoncé
therefore we are COCKASIANS