Somali Women Appreciation thread


Steel Magnolia
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-Chill bro its just a prank bro aye bro
- Ard me on instagram nigga i be rapping shit dnimike88 :gaasdrink:
I'm a 'discriminating' lady. :siilaanyolaugh: I curve foreign looking people (ETs included, no one wants an episode of the body snatchers). Faraxs with less bloated skulls only need apply.
If you have no wave to your hair, might as well be indoyar. :camby:I already have genes for wavy and curly (2a - 3b) hair. Give me something less common. :comeon:
I have hair so rough that i break rocks whathu saying
Nigga is double my age,my nigga your days are long gone.Let us youngins take charge,it's time to let go and move over into the abyss.
The younger she is the more interested i am broski


cismaan maxamuud
@Qansax my nigga stop wasting your time.This sophisticate chick is skinny as f*ck,being the pengest chick alive doesn't even make up for the lack of hilib.


cismaan maxamuud
:gucciwhat: I'm saving myself. Don't me join a convent. I'm already somewhat asexual.
What's with this asexual trend,a girl I was speaking to a while back told me she was asexual,I'm not sure if it was a hint to tell me to f*ck off or if she actually doesn't have any Dareen down there.