Somali Women Appreciation thread

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:camby:Check yourself into Arckham Assylum. :wtf: Negro, no one wants sloopy seconds. Except for madows and hollyweird cucks. They have primordial soup standards. :ufdup:Don't become a Tyrone.
I love sloppy seconds it feels good when she got creampied by tyrone and i have to clean the mess up with my tounge


Sultana of Samaroon
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It feels too good being cuckolded :ahh:
When they cry about you lasting 20 seconds and call you pathetic :banderas:
You must check you're testostrone levels after your psych evaluation. :farole: And hand over your Somali card. You've failed miserably. :faysalwtf:
Nope. Cushitic Princesses would cease to be noble for looking in the direction of an ignoble ajnabi. We don't mix bloods. The line must be pure and the women chaste. :fittytousand: Plus, I'm prejudice.
There you go. In return, we will treat you like queens. And give u some aesthetic looking babies while we laugh at the ones who got with non somalis
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