Somali regions in 2025

Which option seems more realistic?

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    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Option 2

    Votes: 8 57.1%

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Citizen of Southwest State
Where did she post it?

She deleted it, I wasn't fast enough. Several people saw it already.

Be fair to all the users. I know you have a bone to pick with me because I don't support your qowmuluud agenda but that isn't a reason to permit other users to cyber bully me by invading my privacy smh.


Lowly Barawani?

Let's leave emotion aside and bring facts to the table.

Bravanese have their own city and towns and have never been enslaved, ever, while your kin were subjects of Suldaan Keenadiid.

This is your history yaa 3abd


The only Somali clan to be slaves to another clan. But...but...lowly Barawanis...:mjlol:
Aduun, ur lucky u didnt get deported back to where the f u came from. Lowly barwaani
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