I don't agree with any Muslim women or men being in the model industry as it goes against our religious principles.

However, what is it with guys saying she is a harlot? Despite being in the model industry she has behaved with dignity and has made sure to dress modestly through out.
Pretty much every model and everyone in the entertainment and fashion industry is a satanist, if she hasn’t been pimped our yet she will one day.

I believe this. The entertainment industry is not for the faint of heart or the moral.
Famous people have spoken about "selling their soul" and "summoning alter egos", in addition, they seem to "lose" close relatives/friends the more popular they become.

Halima and her Somali friends better thread carefully because they will be asked of things they may not want to deliver.
I don't believe Halima etc, are harlots but the modelling industry looks like a front for prostitution in my opinion. At some point, you have to ask yourself; how do these models pay their bills?

Most of them only do a few runways and a few print editorials so explain how they can afford their lifestyles?

Look beyond the shiny surface, fake smiles and follow the money.

Same for actors/actresses and musicians that are not independent. They're not as wealthy as they pretend to be. They are given predatory loans and sign horrible contracts that make them slaves to the label. They have to tour non-stop and do all sorts of things they may not want to.

Why do you think they barely retire and constantly have mental breakdowns, especially child actors?

Because of "stress".... or because they have to give up their mind, body and soul as an offering?
You decide.

Is that crack you smoke? Lol I bet you a Somali guy Is the originator of the “if she breathes she’s a thot”. Somali guys on twitter and and muslims girls of other ethnicities than Somali on twitter, all have something in common and that is a hatred of Halima Aden.


Logic over everything
Wow look at these barbarians , if I would have brought the phone in 1920s somalis I would've been burnt alive. Well I guess it better then showing her ass
Judgement day is coming. We are seeing the rise of yajuj and majuj (Bantu people) who will exterminate all other native Africans


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