1. Guts


    I'm actually shaking right now this is soo scary, what do you guys think of it? should they quit or keep praying to satan:gucciwhat: ALL OF THEIR PICTURES ARE WITH ONE EYE :jaynerd: See the reference?? :kanyehmm:

    New National Anthem

    I have recently noticed that many Somalis do not recognize the current anthem titled "Qolobaa Calankeed". To be honest, I do not recognize it as your country's anthem either because of the "Samo ku waar"-tier tune In light of this, I will compose the first verse and chorus of the new anthem in...
  3. Anas.010


    which animals are currently in somalia? How will somalia's wildlife look in 50 years? I think if Somalia won't f*ck it up our wildlife will look like a ethiopia or if we have extreme luck it will be uganda 1 our government need to handle those Arabs who exploited our wildlife and kick the...
  4. NotAjnabi

    Breaking news, somali education!

    MASHALLAH! Now instead of af terrorist, we will have this in af soomali! :it0tdo8::it0tdo8: Hopefully they make a tax on khat next
  5. Waxwaalan

    The limit of siblinghood..! Is dhiig really thicker than biyo?

    To keep long azz story long: One sibling (who we will call A) is praised as talented with a very promising future, whilst the other one (miss B) no one really believes in. As a result of suffering abuse as a child, B is very difficult to deal with, but A has always been there for B. One day...
  6. Waxwaalan

    I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the south & east geeljires of this forum.

    It has come under my attention that I today in the political section apparently used a supposedly inappropriate term to describe some of the users on here. For obvious reasons, I cannot repeat the used word. For those of you who saw it, you know I never meant it in a derogatory or disparaging...