1. Milano Ahmed

    LOL I am now have an interest in fashion

    God bless The YouTube algorithm :mjpls:
  2. pablo

    What do you guys think? (Especially ladies?)

    what’s the opinion of the women on here, He notices the difference of media promotion between men and women don’t agree with him on everything though, but makes good points. would be problematic if only Horner women are representing black women especially in USA, I think it would eventually...
  3. Guts


    I'm actually shaking right now this is soo scary, what do you guys think of it? should they quit or keep praying to satan:gucciwhat: ALL OF THEIR PICTURES ARE WITH ONE EYE :jaynerd: See the reference?? :kanyehmm:
  4. CaliTedesse

    Nice qumayos on old shows/movies

    Since I am sometimes watching old episodes of the classic Jamie Foxx show, Wayans Bros or Fresh prince with their golden humor, you sometimes get to witness the baddies of those times wallahi billahi. I made this thread to keep up with these qumayos. in these shows and old movies. Imma keep...