DEVELOPING NEWS somali liyuu capture afar bases

reinforcement are pouring in from all ogaden deegaans. everyone else is watching and tomorrow you'll see these people crying about being wronged.




no reinforcement from dire daba, or awbare or gaashaamo, or liibaan.

I don't wanna hear anyone talk about "bro letz change the name to zoumaligalbeed" :dabcasar:
Ogaden is just built different. A nation in itself :wow:

Sheikh Kulkuli

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They think Al Shabaab, Somaliland and Somalia teamed up to help the Cisse. It would be plausible if DDS and Djibouti helped them as Djibouti is majority cisse.
This exposes who are the ring leaders of the conflict in Afar region as being Amhara.
They beleive they can use Afar militias with heavy weapons to bog down Liyu Polis Somalia so that they can start their own uprising in Jigjiga.
Amhara flocking ti Jigjiga are no ordinary amhara but amhara liyu polis pretwnding to be civilians.

Sheikh Kulkuli

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Nobody said he wasn't oromo. yes, when he first came to power, and released prisoners and made peace with political parties once banned, and other things, a lot of us were hoping things would change for the better. then he showed his true colors.
So now you dont support him?
Abye is as oromo as you and he is from Jimma.

So dont try to back track on me
Afar and Somali regions fight over 3 kebeles that Abdi Iley signed to give Afar. The conflict was triggered because of the coming election and where the votes of these kebeles should go.
Guess what, according to @Sheikh Kulkuli, the Amharaphobic of all times, this is the work of Amhara. Remember he was accusing the Somali regional government and Cagjar to be Amhara puppets.


Amharaphobia of @Sheikh Kulkuli is unmatched. He sees everywhere Amhara. This is becoming a joke for me :ftw9nwa:. I can't take him seriously. I think he is trolling or he is mental. Go seek a doctor :ftw9nwa:

@Sheikh Kulkuli in action :ftw9nwa:
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