Somali connection to Madagascar?


However, Malagasy tradition and ethnographic evidence suggests that they may have been preceded by the Mikea hunter gatherers. The Anteimoro who established a kingdom in Southern Madagascar in the Middle Ages trace their origin to migrants from Somalia.

The written history of Madagascar begins in the 7th century, when Arabs and East Africans established trading posts along the northwest coast. During the Middle Ages, the island's kings began to extend their power through trade with their Indian Ocean neighbours, notably Arab, Persian and Somali traders who connected Madagascar with East Africa, the Middle East and India

Got anymore info about this @SultanuuFicaan @Garad @Huur?
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Little known fact, Madagascar was named after Mogadishu after Marco Polo confused the two :icon lol:
Is this suugo science? Nacalaa I don't even know what to take serious anymore :mjlol:
Many scholars believe the description of
Madagascar by Polo was in fact referring to Muqdisho . The reason for this is because of the animals he mentioned such as Camels ,Giraffes and Lions are not found in Madagascar . Furthermore , the abundance of camel meat consumed in the place he described seems to point to Muqdisho.

That said , the name Madagascar probably existed before that and most likely means the land of the Malagasy , or something to that effect . There is a lot of debate about this subject if search google books .
Waa iga qoslise saxiib. We wuz Malagasy miyaa sheekadu. Next thing we'll see is we wuz dravidians nacalaa :nahgirl:
Well , I didn't write we were Madagascarians or Anything of that sort . I merely wrote that many scholars believed that Polo was in fact mixing up Muqdisho with Madagascar due to a plethora of reasons .You can find those scholars on google books .
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^Sofala + Somali domination of the Indian Ocean


Like @Prince Abubu showed, the Antemoro carry this T haplogroup

And historical documents have scholars saying the Antemoro have/had a name that indicated they came from the Harar region and were Sumale/Somali.
He suggests that the word Semur may be a cognate with Sumale or Somali, that the Anteimoro may have some connection with Harar.