UPDATE Somali American businessman who went missing in Nairobi has been found dead


Found this news on twitter. From what I have gathered in the tweet and replies, this brother is a Somali American citizen from Colombus. He is a businessman and he was working in Kenya, apparently in roads construction. He looks to have been well connected because there is a picture of him apparently with the Kenyan president inspecting some ongoing construction projects.

The tweet says that this guy was likely abducted from some suburb in Nairobi. He was just picked up by some unknown people and then vanished. The only thing found was his car, burnt beyond recognition.

This seems like some sort of a hit job. It does not look good.

Some kind of insurance fraud
I just came back from Nairobi
Kidnapping is rare, more in the US
I agree with you, Nairobi is a relatively safe city. It's not the kind of place you would expect a broad daylight kidnapping, especially in a rich neighborhood where this guy disappeared from. Also, ordinary street criminals would not go to the extent of burning someone's car.

If this was indeed a kidnapping then it is likely connected to the people he was dealing with in his work. Government tender jobs in African countries is always dangerous because in this kind of work you are dealing with powerful politically connected rivals. People involved in this business are called tenderpreneurs. When millions of dollars worth of govt contracts are at stake, this people are capable of doing anything.
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gumeysi diid
Why does the family seem more convinced he’s in government custody and not dead?
Maybe because kenya is extremely corrupt and he was doing government contract work. Government contracts are usually given to friends of politicians and they split profits, he might've been working legitimately and they wanted him out.


gumeysi diid
I’m aware that Kenyans are corrupt. I just find it highly unlikely that government will burn your car and then take you into custody. The car being burned and scene being wiped is more aligned with foul play/death
True, but there may have been some kind of struggle in the car leading to evidence being left behind inside it. They would've had to burn it to get rid of it.