Socotra Island


They are genetically identical to Somalis. The Arab Salaxs of Somalia are natives basically. They don't look weird and different like the Soqotri. Trust me on this.
their just intermixed dosent mean their from here originally


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that person was heavily intermixed lol but as a group their not originally from here
Their entire clan is like that. None of them have high Arabian origin.

Also, look them up on facebook groups and whatnot, they look Somali.


It's all so tiresome
What about the Arab League? You can't steal land of other members of the Arab League..
Thrre are plenty of ways to get them to tolerate it; of course none of them are in our reach at the moment.

Even the Yemenis themselves know it's an uncertain situation since they haven't really put a dollar into it since independence.
We need to build settlements and populate Socotra.

Look at Singapore, the early ancestors were from the Malay archipelago and the island was discovered and was majority settled by Malay.

Today it's 75% Han Chinese.

I say outbreed those langaab Socotra Semites.

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Why are you using Arabic terms when you are not an Arab?
Normally i would just scroll by ignorant posts but you got lucky today. Listen up doqon you are conversing in English a language that is foreign for us somalis. Shut the help up please, if you have any futher questions please contact the nearest mental institution for help.