Socotra Island


It's all so tiresome
We can't afford to not take Socotra from Yemen.

Let's ignore that they would be able to claim any of our offshore resources in that region.

Also the fact that they can sell our fishing rights.

The main reason is security.

They can allow our rivals to build military bases there just 50 miles of Puntland.

UAE is already building one.

The population there share little of anything with Yemenis.


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They even got blond/brunette haired people on there. Definitely not of Somali origin these folks.

Theyre darker than mainland arabs. Thats about the only claim we have to the island. Although theres been an irreversible influx of yemeni refugees since the war
Very exotic island, it definitely has the prospects of being one of the top resort destinations in the world if the nations nearby were stable enough to build solid infrastructure. The UAE made a bold move in stationing their military there now that Yemen has no capability to defend the island. But it wouldn't be as difficult as many are assuming to make this a Somali island in the long-term.