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Shooting your shot

Who should shoot their shot

  • Men

  • Both can

  • Women (lol)

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a y a n

nigga I am not a firefighter
Wow so you don't wanna see your body grow.
Nayaa celebrate your 18th birthday and let your naaso grow xaasidsanaa qoftu :farmajoyaab:
Hoyo has my meher though :damedamn:
Hoyo told me to not give you the meher, she said she will keep for you since you will blow it all off.
Don't tell hoyo I told you that :fredo:
And you hang out with them for class lessons
actually i do online school now dumb nigga
also back to the quotations
A woman should never ever hit on a guy first he will abuse. He will use her then drop her. The nicest guy would block her everywhere and move on. It is rare when it works.so don't move on fast.