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Shooting your shot

Who should shoot their shot

  • Men

  • Both can

  • Women (lol)

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Since when were somali men valued in the market? No disrespect I’m just curious
I don't support interracial marriage but that was quite rude and I have to correct your ignorance.

Come to Canada and see for yourself how desired Somali men are. In fact, in Scandinavia you have pretty women bending their knee and proposing to Faraxs.

I mean you have white women, Middle eastern women, South Asian women, North African women and now even Hispanic women starting to worship Somali men. I've seen it countless times with my own eyes and Somali girls hate them especially the brown Muslim women for worshipping us. They're like Asian women that worship white men. Yes, Somali men are extremely desired and Somali women better appreciate their men for sticking with them or else they can go for prettier women that worship them and treat them better.
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