Rhodesia would have been the first African first world country


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Now they're begging those Whites to return. African countries need to educate their populations in order to compete with the world.


A few decades of poverty is better than being wealthy while being a second class citizen in your own country

5000 white farmers owned 1/2 of Zimbabwe, nothing is worth enduring that


With great power comes great electricity bill
That's like posting pics of pre-war Mogadishu and saying the country was great

It was still a shithole where a large part of the population was exploited, lived like shit and only a select group took all the wealth which they used.


Rhodesia was a racist project founded by the very Cecil Rhodes , a concept where Europeans would profit from the misfortune anyone that praises them are butt licking coons.

It's better to live in abject poverty than being subjected to a minority elite , imagine being a second/third class citizen in your own country, the media never showed the natives living in shacks and shantytowns , they didn't exist , the fancy buildings in Harare and the few state owned farms displayed by the neo-colonialists.
Mugabe was a lunatic but this is so far the best thing he's ever done , removing the parasites. Yes his administration went downhill paying a heavy price like many African leaders standing up against oppression , the sanctions put a burden in those countries but having dignity is far more worth.

South Africans are the opposites of Zimbabweans and I believe we still live in the legacy but combined cycles of prejudice, xenophobia , corruption, poverty and economic apartheid.

Somalia was once on the list for conquest of settlers we would have been annexed in 1917 the yahuud would have flocked in , the Brits conquered Palestine, but there were alternative habitable countries and we were included .
I can imagine what it would have been in an alternate timeline , some of you white praising coons would probably be among the Intifada matyrs.

Its best not to enjoy the suffering of others even if you despise them , outside Africa you're not different from a negroid