Remember that video of american Somali girls beating up that hooyo? was cause she was the 2nd wife!


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Who told you to kill yourself?

I've literally had it with you. I used to back you, and defend you on many occations. But today you crossed the line. To actually defend these animals, shows what kind of a person you really are. You are foul. You know what you can do for me,


Do it tonight. Trust me, it will be a better outcome for you and those around you.
I remember him telling @Duchess to kill herself when they had disagreement.

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
I think its the mother cursing at the 2nd wife
That is crazy! They beat her up and now verbally abuse her to boot. They are brutal

Edit: looking at first video, the lady that got beat up is wearing black and she is light skin second video shows different women. I wonder if the one cursing and recording is the women that pummeled at IHOP and the lady she is screaming at her is mother of the girls

Edit again: never mind, second video was shot in different location as different time(day light). The lady walking around is definitely mother of the kids and the one cursing is the one that got beat up

“Car soo bax ku laha”
She was like nope not gonna trick me again
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Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Why are you guys dodging the obvious truth? You all just marry a 2nd wife so you can get it in. Nothing more, nothing less.

On top of that, the majority of you do not ensure equality and essentially abandon the first wife. This is where the problem comes in. This is not sunnah.

Besides, who has a second wife in the West? Thats dumb af. Your children will be bastards in the eye of the law
Ceeb badanaa :chrisfreshhah:
Luna sweetheart What is wrong with getting “it”:rolleyes:
We love women so much that one is not enough. In fact if it wasn’t Haram to marry more than 4, I am sure men would do it. The thing you guys carry between the thighs is THAT good :p


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They are both in the wrong, the father for marrying a second one and leading to this incident, and the girls for stomping out this pregnant lady.

God commanded to treat both wives equally and even then it for making the womans life better in the time of the Prophet because of poverty / war which caused the womans husband to die in battle. . Do you really think if he did that it would lead to this incident ? Stop twisting the deen to fit your desires this is why many Muslim nations are chaotic and why dhib ay ka bixi la' yihiin because of your blasphemy. Theres no need for a second wife in the West .
Not only is there no need but I’ve seen many That do it for the wrong reasons and neglect the first wife and the kids to focus on the new wife and start a new life


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Yo...what did I miss? I might have to stay checked out of Somali news, wew.


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I will not entertain your delusion.

The full quote is as follows:

"And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. [This is] the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are [all others] beyond these, [provided] that you seek them [in marriage] with [gifts from] your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise."
I already told you that your translation was wrong. I posted the correct one. Why are you reposting it?

You are correct in that both verses are related by prohibitions on marriage. The verse in question prohibits marrying women who are already married. It makes clear that a married pagan woman who has converted to Islam is considered divorced and marriageable.

Anyway, here is the actual context in which this verse was revealed.

Background on verse 24: This verse was revealed in answer to a question raised by some of Muhammad’s companions, who captured a number of women during the Campaign of Hunayn, in which a bitter and aggressive foe (the tribes of the city of Ta’if) declared war on the Muslims of Medina. The people of Ta’if foolishly brought out their entire population and wealth to the battlefield under the odd belief that it would make their warriors fight harder. It didn’t work, and the warriors of Ta’if fled away, leaving their families behind to be captured.

Soon, some of the companions asked if it was lawful to marry some of those captive women (assuming they would also convert from paganism), but the companions were concerned that some of them were already married to idol-worshippers, whom they knew. The men of Ta’if eventually accepted Islam (after some weeks) and sent representatives to Medina to petition the Prophet to get their goods and families back. He gave them the choice of their families or their captured wealth. They chose their families, and the Prophet asked that all the captured women and children be released.

Now let's look at the next verse in the same Sura, [4:25].
Allah said:
If any (man) among you doesn’t have the means to marry respectable believing women, then he should marry believing women from among those who are under your control, [413] and God is fully aware (of the quality) of your faith. You (people) are all from each other (so don’t judge a potential spouse by his or her lower-class status). Marry (maidservants) with the permission of their retainers, and give them their marriage gifts according to what is fair. [414] Take them as respectable (wives) and not merely as objects of lust or as secret mistresses. [415] If they fall into shameful behavior after having been taken in marriage then their punishment is half that of higher-class women. [416] This (provision for reduced punishment) is for those among you who fear giving in (to your lustful impulses with women who are less able to resist you, and who thus should not be held to the same level of accountability as you), though it’s better for you that you persevere (against your urges), and God is forgiving and merciful. [417] [25]
I don't think I have to add anything to this.

As for your what you said regarding [23:6], here is the verse for those following along.
Allah said:
So it will be that the believers will succeed [1] – those who are humble in their prayers, [1531] [2] who avoid useless chatter, [1532] [3] who engage in charity, [4] who guard their modesty [5] - except with their spouses and those (maidservants) under their control (whom they’ve married), [1533] for there’s no blame for them in this. [6] Whoever goes beyond (these limits), they’re indeed going out of bounds. [7]
[1533] The servants they marry are also lawful for them, and this is pointed out specifically so there can be no doubt that former bonded-servants have equal status with people who were always free, lest some people look down upon others. The Prophet said, “There are three types of people who will be given their reward twice: a person from among the Followers of Earlier Revelation who believed in his prophet and then believed in me; a servant who performs his duty well towards God and for whomever he works; and a man who has a maidservant and then educates her, teaches her refined manners, frees her and then marries her.” (Bukhari) Also see 24:32 and 70:30 and footnote.

Let's look at [24:32].
Allah said:
Single people among you should get married, and the morally upright among your bonded servants and maids (should get married, as well). If any of them are too poor (to support a family), then God will enrich them from His bounty, for God pervades all things and has knowledge.
Now let's look at [70:30].
They accept the reality of the Day of Judgment, [26] and they’re afraid of the punishment of their Lord, [27] (knowing that) their Lord’s punishment is the opposite of contentment. [28] (They’re the ones) who guard their chastity, [29] except with their spouses and those (servants) who are under their authority (and whom they’ve married), for (with lawful mates) they’re not to be blamed. [30]
Conclusion: They were not sex slaves but wives.
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The whole situation is a mess all of them are problematic but the dad messed up big time and so did those girls losing their control subxanallah what a mess.

This is why Somalis have a bad reputation in the west, and the second video all those words coming from her mouth bila eedebad lagu khasaray
The whole situation is a mess all of them are problematic but the dad messed up big time and so did those girls losing their control subxanallah what a mess.

This is why Somalis have a bad reputation in the west, and the second video all those words coming from her mouth bila eedebad lagu khasaray
Why did they not just beat up the Abo?:wtf:
He is the one who caused the situation in the first place, yet they decided to go for his second wife like Barbaric beast's.:what: