reer uk need to hit the gym

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The neef in the last 3 seconds has no Dhiig.

How are you going to give your cash to someone who just put hands on you as a customer?

"Sir, daas not me! I don't know him".
After seeing our wasaq xoolo acting faraxs getting karbashed on a daily basis we need to reform.

We need to learn from the chechens and dagestani people when it comes to combat training. Everytime i see one of our people fight its usually the farax getting :dead:

Trade out the outdated dugsi with physical training.
It must be the new generation :bell:

The skinny Somalis I grew up with knew how to fight :gucciwhat:

We all knew sabaaxad ( wrestling ):bell:

Deadly head butting :gucciwhat:

I even knew some Faraaxs who resorted to biting when losing :bell:

What is wrong with these kids ?:nahgirl:
My uncle used to fight racists whilst smoking a cigarette and wearing a macawis :gucciwhat:

The issue isn't about gym because the guys we all grew up with were slim .so what gives ?why are these little nefs so bakhti?
walahi this is getting too much now, these embarrassing bastards want to make us leave the city.

Ps if it was a Somali they would have shanked him, pussies.
Not open for further replies.