Racist people spreading lies against us

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This was a protest in Minnesota against k'naan's upcoming HBO show, and look what these people turned it into. I'm not supporting the protest, but these people are lying, and so many people believe it. They think, or are trying to convince others that its about the Somali guy who stabbed 9 people. Read the comments on the video.
What should we do?


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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I checked his youtube account and its almost just negative videos about Somalis he uploads this Guy must be a total loser imagine how shitty his life is he probably wakes up and starta his day off with looking to bash Somalis even more he

Strange thing is one positive video he had was of Hodan naleye in Hargeisa showing how pretty it is than I read the video description And low and behold

"why dont Somalis go back to their Sunny country instead of boring snowy Minnesota filled with traffic jams and air pollution"

This Guy got a strong resentment look at the title of this video



LOL Somalis. No such thing as law and order. No organisation skills. That's a funny video
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