1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    White Teacher Frustrated, Goes On Racist Rant

    While this girl, chewing gum, will suffer from the system...the teacher was bringing up Republican talking points in a racist manner. FIRE HIM. We need more Black Male and Female teachers teaching these kids.
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Lebanese are lowkey racist

    A female Lebanese journalist (Nidal Al Ahmadieh) who by the way looks like she had terrible plastic surgery, who has said and I quote: “Lebanese are very clean, I don’t know if the refugees are clean” :dead: The funny thing is she’s an Arab and the “dirty refugees” she’s referring to are...
  3. madaxweyne

    arab youtuber who said somalis are slaves has apologized and admitted it was a mistake

    :mjlaugh:and now he offered an explanation and has left a disclaimer comment where he admitted he made a mistake and now "claims" he meant Somali bantus and not ethnic somalis this all started on discord where the Somalis caught him out, he got scared and decided to leave a message on his...
  4. T

    The most racist comment section on youtube

    read the comments and you will get pissed by the sheer racism in the comment section
  5. CanIDimo

    interracial: Woke White Women, mashallah

    I love the sarcasm in this video although it's over done
  6. S

    Somali guy explain why white people aren't racist

    I agree with the brother :manny:
  7. shanqale son

    Subxanallah H&M needs to check their privilege. #BOYCOTT

    Do you guys know that black people were called monkeys during slavery and the Civil Rights. Really disgusting behavior.
  8. Jodeci

    Shocking: Palestinian serial killer in America exclusively targeted Black people for murder

    But "We wuz arab" :mjlol: But "Free Palestine" :mjlol: He's a Christian Arab from Palestine, who lived in Israel before going to America, soon as he gets to America he kills all the black people he can find. Mugshot of Elias Abuelazam after his arrest for a misdemeanor assault warrant in...
  9. A

    Do Somali women prefer non Somali men?

    I am seeing a wave of Somali women who seem to prefer cadaan or even madow men to Somalis, just recently I read a story of Idris Elba's (Madow celebrity) new girlfriend a Somali model. Maya Jama is also with a Madow celebrity and Somali Iman (model) even had a kid without before she married a...
  10. Lalaviva

    Racist people spreading lies against us

    This was a protest in Minnesota against k'naan's upcoming HBO show, and look what these people turned it into. I'm not supporting the protest, but these people are lying, and so many people believe it. They think, or are trying to convince others that its about the Somali guy who stabbed 9...
  11. M

    You Black Ass

    I'm in tears.