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This isn’t ancient history this the 19th century lol .

These structures were built way before then.

For instance Hafun has a mosque built around the 17th Century. Don't forget that Puntland was the real Land of Punt and Cape of Spices.

Btw, when the dictator was in charge he let British archaelogists dig around Nugal and Bari and they took things back to their countries.. I read, ancient coins etc. There are even underground burial sites!
One Puntland minister found these huge bones and ancient scripts. There is a wealth of lost history in Puntland.

We need to finally prove Puntland = Land of Punt.


I prefer seeing towns from the ground-level, using drones or shooting from above buildings doesn't tell the full story of a city or town. In-fact most of those videos on hargeisa and mogadishu disguise what the ground level looks like because it's full of shanty buildings and bad roads, so they try to disguise it by taking an aerial shot. U don't fool the doctor however, the doctor knows all the tricks of the duliyo

Pwyneth Galtrow

Beautiful and clean. All of Puntland should look like that, you don't need a fancy villa, you just need to keep your dwelling and surrounding area clean.

I find it so embarrassing to see these Somali cities and towns that are filled with trash.