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I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
The sleeping giant woke up. Burtinle has potential to be Puntlands 4th largest city. It already has a University
I think it can easily surpass Qardho (if it didn't already) in 5 years. I love how urban planners are weaving nature throughout the City, the district is remarkably green. Burtinle and its nearby villages are blessed with beautiful greenery landscapes filled with ponds and lakes Mashallah.


True Puntlander
Those are states right... how many states are in Somalia
Those are PL 9 states. We call them 9 gobols.

Why 9 gobols not 5 gobols like 1991, cause PL citizens are growing so government in each time make new districts or gobol.

If you want to compare it to USA, then PL state is same like Arizona state.

History review.

Somalia before collapse of 1991 was 18 gobols or 18 states.

That is mean PL has 5 gobols with Cayn District.


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