Pre-Colonial Nigeria vs Pre-Colonial Somalia Cavalry

What's the point of going on an obscure Somali forum, and attempting to 'prove' your history, culture, and cavalry to a bunch of anonymous users that you've never even known before? :bell:

You lack self-assuredness, to be frank. I agree that one should not infer that an entire population of one of the largest continents suffers from the insecurity and low self-esteem that you have, but it's very telling of the environment that you've grown up in if you're able to get prompted by a bunch of narcissistic trolls on the internet you seek nothing but to get a rise out of you.

Also, this might seem a bit too late, but it seems that you've already provoked the Racist Trolls that I was warning you about. You shall deal with them yourself. Don't complain about their incessant denigration, though. :drakekidding:


:reallymaury:why would they go to war with us in the first place? its like spain fighting russia
nigga you really comparing royales to clans members tf
Them regular niggas too. The drip is so immaculate you thought they were royales :banderas:

How did they get enslaved then

That's a different story :mjcry:

Somalis had guns while Nigerians were enslaving each other with spears and rocks. We are not the same kiddo.
Nigerians had that smoke too

Kouka (Kukawa).jpg


can you leave us alone
go back to nairaland
No :pacspit:


it's funny how dumb u are
Them regular niggas too. The drip is so immaculate you thought they were royales :banderas:

That's a different story :mjcry:

Nigerians had that smoke too

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No :pacspit:
don't even talk about drip we was kings of that sh@t
while you west africans were stuck in your caves we explored the world and gone to china
look at that drip
the first-ever black man to go to china and learn mandrin
I mean we can appreciate both of our histories without putting each other down

Regardless, I think we can all agree that our ancestors were people who played no games, fucked shit up, and commanded respect.
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west Africa was pretty impressive tho ngl, :wow1:but i feel bad for central and south those nigga got nothing, SAD
West African history is very rich. I hope more can be discovered about them.
Unfortunately, Artifact smuggling seems to be popping over there. First the Europeans came and stole from them, now you have smugglers doing it. Same thing is Happening in Somali areas, people sell priceless artifacts to international buyers for cheap prices.