Popular Quran Recitor is a wanted criminal for allegedly spiking womens drinks in mosques and giving them HPV?

Apparently he isn't a convert but a Bosnian born Muslim.

the whole being alone with him presumably in a mosque and accepting a drink from him is really weird and the fact he got away with it multiple times is crazy
I don’t like to jump to conclusions but something doesn’t add up. Men and women don’t even see each other in the mosque
He’s actually Bosnian.
Guys read this. I’ve read many comments like this. It seems like shit has gone down at many mosques and now he’s ran from the country. His wife divorced him over abuse.
Was that the russian wife ? Unless he married someone else and abused her


East Africa UNUKA LEH
Ok that explains it to a degree but what we're they doing alone. I don't remember ever being alone with a teacher in dugsi. Is there additional context?
Here’s a few screenshots