Oromos stealing somali attire


I get what you're saying, but would you become incandescent with rage if some random person on the street ran up on you and claimed that your life was actually theirs -- or would you patronise them, have pity on them and slowly walk away?

It's not as though Oromos are going to convince anyone that your traditional garments are actually theirs

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Yes, I understand all of that, but Oromos are not exactly in a position to convince third parties to this hilarious little tiff that Somali clothing is in actuality a product of their culture.

Just see it as a compliment; imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.
Mate, I’m not being funny but why do you get involved in discussions that don’t involve your people?


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They can keep that; it honestly looks like she's possessed or something.


Are you really complaining about people being under your soft-power umbrella?

To be honest I'm not bothered by clothing but I certainly understand the fear many of the Somalis on here have of assimilation. Though I sincerely doubt that will happen. Though I can see some of their concerns, particularly as the Somali region in Ethiopia is one of the largest zones there. And the possibility of encroachment onto their lands exists. It's also resource-rich. And Somalia proper has what landlocked Ethiopia doesn't. Access to the sea. Even if the Oromo are no more than Habeshi pawns or acting of their own expansionist volition they are a group to be watched out for like the rest. East Cushitic unionism is a pipe dream and the Oromo are also not a monolithic group. The Gurgura are dual Somali-Oromo citizens, the Akisho are Somali leaning and the Jarso have questionable origins with Somali subclades and admixtures.


Ils veulent pas la paix…
I heard about another theory for the name gaal-kacyo . There’s a bunch of other names for geel it can also translate to where the camels rise

The word Gaal for camels is when you pronounce gaal as you do in abgaal.

Gaal in Gaalkacyo is pronounced as in gaalo.
i pray faaraxs be like xalimos and stop wearing non somali attires too. somali men are inferior and do not have their own clothes so they wear arab and white people clothes

everyone should stick with their own culture
Khamis isn't Arab sxb, but i get your point we should revert back to wearing the white cloth😅


Majority of the countries around the world have been influenced by other cultures. Somali food would not be the same without foreign influence. We are literally having this discussion in english.

Somalis got macawiis from

Lol khamis isn't Arab sxb just the for it is, even the Romans, Assyrian, Copts and many more use it.
Is just a piece of cloth even the figures in laas geel
Are depicted wearing them

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when did romans wear khamiis? assyrians and copts wear it due to arab influence, but its still arab.


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Doesn't there exist different variants of khamis sxb, is the maghrebi one the same as the ones used in the gulf countries, or even in Iraq and Iran? They're all different. Aristotle and his niggas rocked "khamis" with and a garment on top😅
khamiis isnt even that old. they were just wearing robes. the khamiis somalis wear is arab attire