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They playing in Columbus at October 11...won't bother tho


I feel like people are sleeping on KD. The Thunder team too. It's ridiculous wallahi. Go ask any random farax or nigga who the top 3 teams in the West are, a good chunk of people will leave out OKC. I even see some lil youngins on my block saying Steph is better than KD :childplease:

I'm excited to see the new dynamic offense Billy Donovan will bring to the team. I've been a huge advocate of getting rid of Scott Brook's stagnant offensive schemes. Can't wait to watch OKC's offence in motion next year


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Lol how was the game bro? How much you drop on tix?

Yo it was our 3rd stringers vs their backups lol
It was alright, exciting at the beginning as Raptors were on the verge of blowing them out. Then they collapsed in the 2nd half as usual. Paid $190 for two tickets in the middle level...looking back I should have just bought nosebleeds and sat down in the lower level as these cadaan people were leaving well before the game ended. Saw some xalimos sitting courtside :dwill:

Derozan played at the beginning, but left in the third after picking up his 4th foul. Lowry didn't even play which pissed me off. James Johnson did pretty well, though he didn't get as many minutes as usual. Anthony Bennett had some good moments, but for most past was :trash:. Demarre Carroll seemed to be ok, but looking at his box score now he was qashin

I don't even wanna discuss Patrick Patterson and Bismack Biyombo as these two played like utter shit :pacspit: Raptors had an opportunity to tie the game, but Patterson couldn't catch a fucking inbound and turned the ball over:kanyehmm:


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Inb4:superman: AJ says I only participate come

Go Lakers :dj:


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I'm back to playing fanduel

Who wants to face me
I heard that shit is a rip off? You lose more money than you win.:kanyehmm:

I'm doing NBA fantasy for the first time. I got Westbrook, Griffin, Monroe etc on my team. :ehh:


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My nigga Pau with 6 blocks. Last one on Lebum was

Butler, Rose, Noah, Mirotic, Pau, McBuckets etc Bulls will be tough to beat this year. I think they'll come out of the east if they stay healthy.
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