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Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
Gaban it's a damn joke on my part. I am happy they are getting their act together. If they don't all of their land will become like el-buur all the people gone and uninhabitated, once it gets to this stage, there is no coming back from it!!!!! You don't get a second shot at 'life' u stuff up now, u stuff up forever!!!

Badbaado Is the word, learn it. Survival boy!!!
Galmudug is developing and isn't stopping for no one since 2006, thank you for your concern.

As I stated in the rules of the thread, please Don't derail the thread with "Jokes" or anything that has nothing to do with the thread. @ArchBishopofAtheism and @YoungFarah stop having madaxshub in the damn Galmudug anniversary thread!
Yep. They each have their own presidents which are all like governors. But it's a new concept which isn't solidified so there are a lot of issues with some of the newer states. New ones are being created every few years etc.
They should copy America. Have federal law and state laws.
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