New disease outbreaks in buuhoodle

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how do i use this
Bow down when you mention MJ
MJ and fuleey don't go together, tell us something else..
MJ and corruption (possibly autism) goes hand in hand

also one of the most coward clan
they gotta regroup first then attack like rabid dogs
You see the difference between them and us we could be gang raping @Reiko right now instead were having nice conversation with her:ivers:
Attack where? Aren't you es doing the same shit now? FOH..
No we ain't :comeon:
Choose who?

I respect my cousin @Cognitivedissonance

But I treat you like my gay friend, know the difference .

Just because I kikiki with you doesn't mean we are in the same circle.
Is that so:sass2:
You're obsessed with MJ, are the kids in Brian Coyle center still bullying you? :russ:
Apparently i can't defend dhulos from mj hordes without being called obsessed :dead:
Fyi cedar is done for meaning the few mj in office in Minneapolis are getting replaced :dead:
I was walking through there few days ago and half the block is white/black i wonder who's gonna vote for your mj :rejoice:
Fukk it ill make a thread about it:rejoice:


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
By far @Starscream has the most effeminate voice I have heard my nigga sounds like Janet yet still tries to type like he's about that life but truth be told you're a hallmark nigga you a daffodil
Nobody is ganging up on her ganging up is how you fuckers were 20 plus qouting canuck and insulting her personally something am above:mjlol:
I insult mj thats about it not @Reiko i love her and have taken her side in the past:manny:
She's my girl the first few replies i gave her she deserved it but the last 2 pages i been really friendly in my replies :manny:
Not open for further replies.