My God, i'm traumatised for life!

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31/12/16 - 04/04/20
My mom made it once years ago for guests that were coming over, none of us have forgotten the smell from that one day.

@fox you've already admitted its not restricted to one region, so wrap this one up and write us another short story
We don't eat that shit :susp:and if dumarka make it waan ka haajirnaa :susp:
Someone please fill me in wtf is calooley
I wanna know too..
It's boiled lamb gut/stomach.
calooleey iyo canjeero.jpg

After so many FKD sessions, you think I am reer waqooyi? Xasbiyallaahu wa kafaa :faysalwtf:
Garoowe and Boosaaso are part of waqooyi sxb :manny:or you one of those kismaajo censored:pachah1:
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