Mo Farah speech

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Britain hosted him and gave him education and raised him when he moved their as a refugee

If he still lived in Djibouti or Somalia he would've been a random average farah.
He was a bit naive to begin with :drakelaugh:

Man thought he was gonna get treated like Dave from Essex :drakelaugh:

Then they hit him with the Mo is a Cheat stories :chrisfreshhah:

I remember he nearly cried :mjlol:

He still doesn't know why :pachah1:

Shine a torch on your ass and you will find out the reason :russ:

In America they call it a kneegrow wake up call :lolbron:

You think there is no discrimination until the cops pull you over and twist your wrists :russ:
British press are notorious for being shitty

He should be a friggjn king there, he's the GOAT athlete to represent the UK and """""news"""" outlets spew out rubbish and doggerel about him

Poms make Aussie tabloids look like the work of Dickens and Allen Poe
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