Midget Xalimo KO's taller Farax with 1 punch!


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
violence never solves anything, I hope those kids and the crowd learn to treat each other better, no one will win by causing harm :)
She is a boxer. The way she walks back and throws combination bunches shows you she fought many battles, I'm glad the young girl defend herself.
The L not cause he got knocked out by girl, but because he fought a little girl, and acting like ghetto. He doesn’t need to be sent to Somalia to be more tough or know how to fight, but learn some akhlaaq and manner


What kind a weak man fights with a girl. Those who raised him didn't really teach him manners.

El Nino

War illeen balaayo
New generation don’t know how to fight kkkk and don’t have the manners, who fights a woman?

Aint gone lie, that kid is dusted. There is no way to salvage his reputation unless he becomes a succesful mma fighter. Xaaladiis wuu xuumey