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Mental health!!

Why is mental health issues so taboo in somali community?? Every time i discuss my mental health issues with somalis first thing they say is its kibir
Stigma, it really needs to be addressed. On the flip side I'm noticing a strange phenomenon of young people blaming their behaviour and choices on mental illnesses.
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Classy not Ashy, walaahi
It’s all BS.
Obese person will blame genetics instead of eating less and going for walks.
Lazy person who won’t work hard to achieve their goals will blame others.
Feminists are angry at men couse nobody wants they ugly asses.
People ask for equality as if people can ever be equal.
They should instead ask for equal justice.
Mental health issues do exist but people are now using it as an excuse.
Oh I failed 2nd year University so let me blame mental health.

gtfo baan ku idhi


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