Madows never get tired mentioning us


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Non-Somalis act like authorities on the subject when they haven't even read a footnote on Somali history. :siilaanyolaugh:

You would think all those Advanced degrees would have helped them but they are inappropriate experts when it comes to us.

I once read a dissertation by a West African and they used Nigerian pseudonyms for their respondents. I found that inappropriate as some of the respondents were other African nationals. She was Igobo-washing. It would have been more culturally appropriate to use names from places the interviewees were from.

Perhaps the chick on Twitter is seeing Somalis through her own perceptual filters as an SJW Sudanese.
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Blacks are the most color struck people ever.

Amber Rose ugly ass is famous because black people think she’s beautiful, FOH.

They label us colorists on social media but in real life they look at us in awe and admire us. Wallahi the amount of black folks who compliment me and compliment Somalis as a whole is unbelievable.
she is crazy, the way she casually mentioned in a reply to a random twitter user from god knows where in the world that her mother was purchased by her father and taken to sudan :wtf:

shit she has a screw loose...

That Chrissie person ain’t random tho she has large following on YouTube from hating on lightskins and mixed people.