Love Island 2019


Omg my girl Yewande left

She will he visiting her witch doctor in Brixton market tomorrow morning with some of Araweelo and Danny’s hair kkkkkk

Apart from Amber I’m no longer interested in the show
UK mixed guys never go for Black girls. Danny was using Yewande to secure his place and wait for his tanned White Queen to walk in.
Him and Yewande were more suited tbh intellectually and whatnot. Shame she friend zoned him too quick because of the tattoos (African parents).
Yeah they were very compatible and you can tell with how close they got. But I prefer him with Amber tbh

Don’t you think it’s weird her African parents ain’t objecting to her being on the show but a guy with tattoos is a no no. :gucciwhat:


Lol guys it’s fake

I would have believed her if she said her friends were taking over her account

Not family!


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