Look at this somali cuck

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
Just cause your pro somali doesn’t mean you can’t wish for other countries to get better.

Dont forget that.

You don’t have to give out all your water when your house is clearly on fire.

Prayers can be helpful or some small change.

I’m still bothered by the anti black history of some of the Arab countries, but I’m not a complete heartless bastard.

Do what you want with this info.


Make Hobyo Great Again
I heard Syria was actually good to Somalia in the 90s, specifically Assad's father. They were the only country in the Arab League to take Somalis in and treat them like Syrian citizens. Somalis were provided the same education, employment, and healthcare as Syrians.

That being said, I find it difficult to care too much about what is going on there when we and the rest of the ummah are facing so many problems but Assad is welcome to claim asylum in Somalia if he ever gets overthrown.

Most of the Syrian refugees fled ISIS and not Assad. Do you think ISIS, the Saudi and Emarati regimes are more legitimate and offer better governance than Assad? Syria used to be a secular country with advanced rights for minorities, religious or otherwise and Syrian women enjoyed the highest freedoms in the region. Why Syria and not the House of Saud? This Somali Imam crying like a baby who lost his mother sees from the prism of Sunni Vs Shia, why doesn't he cry for Yemen too?