Ling Your Language


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It is a language guessing, pick option Hard or Omniglot and post your score. Other options are too easy. Let's see how cosmopolitan and aware of other cultures SSpot is.

I got 554 on my first try at level Omniglot.

Norwegian kicked me out of the game, I guessed Swedish. :mjcry::damn:

Post your first try score, don't practice.


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Some observations..

Albanian sounds like Maltese despite no connection. @Molotoff

When you hear a Slavic language that sound very close to Russian, but Russian isn't in the list pick Ukrainian, lol, cheat.

Malaysian has more Arabic loanwords, Filipino languages have Spanish loanwords, cheat to distinguish them.

Hausa sounds like Oromo spoken with a Bantu accent.

Portuguese from Portugal sounds like Spanish with a Russian accent.

Danish is the ugly/weird sounding Scandinavian language, guessing Norwegian vs Swedish impossible for me.


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Idk, I looked up how various languages sound like in the past, could have affected my score, but did not practice for this. Randomly stumbled upon this game while browsing the web.