Law BANS Somalilander women from marrying non-Somalilander men

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So what are the consequences if one loses their SL citizenship? Will the government cut their Medicaid? :pachah1:


The last pure Somali will live in Somaliland.

South Somalia will become all semi-Bantu mixed by 2200.
You think our civilisation will last for another 183 years? I think that it will collapse at latest by the end of the century, killing 95 % of the global population.


It was posted in facebook - 170k views and lots of funny comments.

Gabdhaha Somaliland Oo Lo diiday Guurka Soomaalida kale
Ha yaabin Way Dhacdaaye
Your title and what is stated in the video do not match.

You either didn't watch the video or you are a lier just like the person who
Came up with the Youtube title.

No law bans a Somaliland woman from marrying a Muslim man. (Must emphasise the Muslim part seeing as you are a MJ after all)

The children of Reer Somaliland women are NOT entitled to SL citizenship if they
marry a Non-Lander.

This law is not new either - It dates back to 2002 with the concept behind it originating in Somali Xeer
which has a direct relevance to SL law.

The consequence is the same: A distinction without meaning is made in mariage and the benefits it gives.
Calm down folks its not as dramatic as you all think. There is a wisdom behind this to the best of my knowledge. The main reason is to clamp down on the spread of aids coming from Italian/amisom Somalia. The second reason is to stop the spread of other Somali aliens in Somaliland. Both of them fair reasons in my humble opinion.
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