Last time you fought (physically) with someone

Ever have a good fist fight?

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Not your typical Farah
Haven't gotten into a fight since freshmen year in HS. I was cool with every "crowd" in HS - so beef was rare. And after HS, I never hang around with people/areas were fights are common.

Garaad Darawiish

Astra incliant sed non obligant
When I was in school, there was this one guy who I would very regularly get into fights with; I'm really not sure why , we just didn't agree. And so maybe once or twice a week we would end up on fist fights out in the school yard but
one day I was walking next to the big ww2 era corrugated metal huts that our school had in the yard, and this guy is walking along behind me continuing an earlier argument. So I just turn around and, running on adrenaline, slam his head into the side of one of the huts, leaving a dent. I then just keep walking to where I was going…

To this day I have no idea what empowered me to do it, and it was never mentioned by any of the teachers; but, needless to say, we never fought again…

Nightline Kid

Hippo Crate
The last actual fight I was in was back in fourth grade with some Somali boy on the school bus. I've had some close brushes in middle school with other girls but nothing really happened
The last fight I had was an epic town centre scrap with some beesha Abu Jerome fellows back in the days .Me and my friend were outnumbered ,but still fighting ,however all these random madows on the other side were trying to join in .Luckily ,a Somali brother was hanging out with the dudes on the other side and was stopping them from joining in .

When the fight was over ,some other random Somali guy enters and sees a huge cut on my head . He pulls out a knuckle duster,gives it to my
Friend and says " Ina Mariya" ......they guys had already left the scene ...........the next day me and my friend got up at 7 am and went to the college of the other youth who started the altercation...........luckily , he was not present and a mentor persuaded us not to do anything stupid . The fact the kid was not there and the mentors wise words probably saved me life in prison .Most of the guys in the story are in prison for other offences and one got killed in an another incident .

These days I am pacifist .That said , I still eat one moos a day and do sit ups every morning ..........,


~Gallantly Gadabuursi~
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Tell me eedo, when was the last time you had a fight? :ftw9nwa:

I've never been in a fight. I only roughed someone up in gym class in elementary. She tried to strong arm me. She was a twig and I was well nourished. So I twisted her arm until she cried mercy. I never got in trouble. She was the instigator after all. She tried to befriend me afterward. I gave her the side-eye like an alpha. Don't mess with the fat kid. :trumpsmirk:
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