beat down

  1. A

    Somali Stepmom abuses stepchild

    This women knew the man had children before marrying him, why is she now hating on the child. Anyone man who condones this from his partner is a cuck and deserves stoning. This video has got my blood pressure high, I would make an exception to my no beating women rule and send her to her...
  2. A

    Somali kid beaten to death

    Has anyone seen the video of a Somali boy being beaten to death. I saw this video on the Snapchat of a Somali charity worker. His snap is checkcheck47. These animals use sticks and kicks to fucking kill this kid. Fucking animals.
  3. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Last time you fought (physically) with someone

    I haven't put my hands on people since grade 8 (13 years ago), which is surprising even to me. Post your fist-fight stories.