1. Odkac WRLD

    Funny fight clips.

    Let us brighten this Sunday by sharing and enjoying all of these hood fight videos. :denzelnigga: 2011-2013 was the peak of viral fight videos but they are making quite the resurgence. Idk what the bigger L is in this situation. Getting dropped that badly, or getting dropped by a nigga...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Something I’ve noticed about hood faraax

    I grew up in rough rough neighborhoods during elementary and middle, and got into plenty of fights with neighborhood kids. I didn’t get along with the Somali kids cause I called one a fobf**k cause he called me dhoqon:drakelaugh: Something frustrating is the Madow kids white kids even native...
  3. AarHawd_7

    Faaraxs and Xaaliimos when was yall last fight?

    When was your last fight, like a propper fight? A decent one on one fist fight for the Faaraxs and Hijaab iyo hair pulling is a art mastered by the most Xaaliimos I’ve seen fighting. This is still my favorite one :pachah1: They way she bottled her in the end naxriis maleh The famous one...
  4. Elijah Muhammed

    Teacher vs student about islam fight

    Bruh craziest thing happend today 2 people were fighting. a Arab kid and a swedish kid and after the teachers(white) broke up the fight the teacher talked with arab kid and said to him why are you fighting when it's ramadan. The arab kid got insanely mad about him talking about islam and started...
  5. Elijah Muhammed

    Fight beetwen schools

    Bruh this fight was huge litterly my school vs another school fought and i took part in it. Knocked out 3 people. Charged were pressed against many people who fought by the schools but the teachers didn't notice me fight so nothing happend to me. The people we fought were 3 year older than us...
  6. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Last time you fought (physically) with someone

    I haven't put my hands on people since grade 8 (13 years ago), which is surprising even to me. Post your fist-fight stories.