Ladies... advice on waxing?

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I always use hair removal creme for my armpits, sometimes i shave it because its takes less time i can recommend that

And my legs i usually shave them, i never had ingrowing hair (?) or dark spots but its grows back fast and oh you should scrub them before you shave your legs and basically everyday when you shower

By the way i have these wax packet from the store but i never used it..maybe ill use it this week


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
I do professional sugaring wax every 6 weeks and it's absolutely good makes my legs glow and smooth. If you have problem with ingrown and strawberry legs best treatment is sugar waxing.

P.s Stay away from shaving.
I need to wax my pubes, I get very nervous when I am shaving my balls :wowsweat:
Don't shave it provides a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury its protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens just let it grow but sunnah is to shave every 40days.
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