Ladies... advice on waxing?

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Have you ever got a wax? And would you recommend it?

Never again
Let's get a Pum pum Wax on Groupon
I'll pay mate £10!
No one will come with me apart from my friends that have already done it before.

Babes I proper appreciate that. But I'm already hella shook. I can't have other people I don't no with me. But the £10 offer seems decent
Waxing is recommended for ladies mostly since shaving roughens down there and makes it look darker than it normally is which is not pleasant for the eyes.
Waxing reduces the roughness drastically, what causes the darkness is the blade as the skin there is quite soft and sensitive.

I learned this from my ex btw
Well I'm learning from you :hillarybiz: but that makes a lot of sense. If you start waxing would the darkness get lighter or the damage is done ?
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