King von dead

Chief Keef is the only one I respect out of all them because he was able to successfully get out of that bullshit. FBG Duck had a chance and King Von. FBG Duck was willing to squash beef too. They should have just took the offer for greater good.
The thing that fucked up Von is he got into it with rappers from Atlanta so you knew he fucked up from that point on especially since he ain't even from that city. Why would you start beef with ATL rappers if you moved to ATL to get away from beef? Chief Keef just living his life right now that's how you supposed to do it.


I know their aren't a lot of options in life for African Americans especially when they come from the gutter but we shouldn't be honoring this guy at all.

What he stood for was complete and absolute degeneracy. And I don't care if you like his music.

Muslims and innocent people die everyday yet we never see the same outcry. Focus on yourself and getting a Halal hustle. Life in this Dunya is real short and how you live in this world will be how you'll be resurrected.

0:01 von comes around the car beating quando
0:04 quando boy comes around the SUV and shoots von in the head in sneak attack
0:05 vons boy shoots the shooter
0:08 quando gets on top of von (it looks like he was trying to snatch his chain or choke him, possibly trying to help him? idk)
0:10 shooter falls down after getting shot in the leg maybe
0:13 quandos boy aims at von but sees quando on top of him so doesn't shoot (quando maybe told him not to shoot)
0:28 quando tries to pick von up
0:38 vons boy comes over and socks quando and tries to pull von away
0:45 vons boy hits quando again
0:49 quando runs back to the SUV
1:00 vons boys pull him away and help him up
1:10 quandos car drives off
1:20 vons boys put him in the car and transport him to the hospital where he's later pronounced dead, reportedly along with Memo, Louie, and ****ty. in another video quando is seen helping the shooter to the hospital


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