King Tut - Ancient Egypt

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Chilling in Quljeed
- This is a statue of the boy king (King Tut), this statue was found in his tomb, among many of his treasures in Egypt, during an archaeological excavation in 1922. Scholars say king Tut was on the throne of Egypt, a few years before the Israelites' Exodus.

- This is a picture of the Newly Reconstructed image of King Tut. This image comes from the website, it was featured in an Discovery Channel program called the "Assassination of King Tut". The image was put together from the skeleton of the King by using forensic science and sophisticated computer programs.

We wuz Kangs :rejoice:
Tutankamum is ancient corruption of the title of the Cushitic king TuteQamaan. The word Egypt comes from the Somali word Jajjibiso, the name of a famous snake in the land of the Egyptians .
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