1. Manafesto

    I Found & Stumbled into DrOsman's newly made Puntland History YouTube channel🤣😂😭

    Looool, I checking Puntland news and I stumbled this new channel and this historic video about Boqor Osman, May Allah bless the grave of our king and freedom fighter. What, I meant to say is within 10 seconds into the video I was pretty sure I was listening to our visionary resident @DR...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Official Coronation of Muhammad I Bire, First of His Name, King of General.

    Pay your respects peasants :nahgirl: Only positivity in here:fredo::draketf: nothing to see here just a young nigga running shit:wowsweat:
  3. CaliTedesse


    The new lion king trailer
  4. Simodi

    King Tut - Ancient Egypt

    - This is a statue of the boy king (King Tut), this statue was found in his tomb, among many of his treasures in Egypt, during an archaeological excavation in 1922. Scholars say king Tut was on the throne of Egypt, a few years before the Israelites' Exodus. - This is a picture of the Newly...