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Kenyans lusting after Xalimos again


If you reach your prime in your 20s. God help you. :holeup: I've met some of those Abdis that peaked too soon. I want to give them tips but when I read comments on SSpot I decide to not
put them on. @Helios (since collagen production starts a downward decent at 18 I will help you son so you maintain your Peter Pan youthfulness) when you get to my age.
It’s because of weed, alcohol, eating garbage and doing nonsense. A normal clean Somali guy will look good even in his 50s.


Negro Nunca Papi X Hooyo Matalo
Those are 50 year old women who grew up in Somalia with poor nutrition, healthcare and chronic stress. I posted an authentic Chinese beauty.
The last pic were youngish women.

I won't post pictures of young women from IQ/twitter. I'm Somali myself. I'm not a monster :shaq:. God forbid they ever find me criticizing them.


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These guys are trying to save face. Which is good because I’m pro ********.

Not every Somali girl is beautiful but a huge amount (that don’t wear hijab) are conventionally attractive.

Yeah even latinas, I use to work with one and her work crush had a crush on me instead.:yloezpe:

There’s a world outside of Instagram and pornhub sxb!
I'm pretty indifferent. I don't care about their preferences until they mention our name out of
of turn.

I just don't see the need to uplift one group and denigrate another. It's very infantile.

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