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Kenyans lusting after Xalimos again

In this day and age a honorable man would go insane worrying about the ghayrah of the Muslim women at large or even the Somali community

It becames best to stick with worrying about your stable being your immediate family like your mother and sister and even that sometimes they become so combative just worry about your daughters


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Who cares.

Also most of the comments are a cringe worthy cacophony of remarks from ajnabi FOBs similar to what you see on Instagram.

Also it’s not really a achievement that you have men lusting, men lust over all woman, Amanda could see 1000 women in a day and out of that thousand, 999 will have him aroused


Negro Nunca Papi X Hooyo Matalo
Main reason they lust after Somali women is due to the taboo appeal. They want what they are denied access to.
No, it's because they look better than their women. They lust after everything non-madow.

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