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Suugo Science:

Does it have anything to do with population density? Northeast is more densely populated than elsewhere in the US.
Yes it does, New England, like most of the US follows the model that densely populated urban areas and coastal cities tend to vote Democrat.

New England, politically has been progressive. In North America, Rhode Island was where American principles of religious freedom were borne. Massachusetts is where the Federalists came from and that had a lot to do with the abolition movement. And in Lowel Massachusetts, the women who worked in the mills credibly could be called the originators of the women’s rights movements. They also overwhelmingly were for slavery abolition and support of Civil rights. They tend to be very educated also. Most educated whites vote democrat.

Even their Conservatives in New England are typically liberal on social issues and fiscally conservative, so most of New England Republicans are either libertarian or moderate, not the stereotypical bible thumping science deniers that make up the bulk of the party today in rural areas.
Trump needs Arizona but it looks like he’s trailing by 5+% points. He can still win by narrows his path to reelection.


Da queen
They are not only losing the senate but they about to lose the general election too


The electoral college vote should be abolished , it is not fair